Electronic Health Record System

Metropolitan Family Health Network uses a computerized Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that safely stores all of your health information in one, central place. Everything that had been written down in the past has now been entered into our EHR system.

The EHR system gives your healthcare providers all the information they need to keep you healthy (such as records of immunizations, lab and x-ray results, medications, referrals). It is also helpful to you in scheduling appointments, requesting prescription refills, and tracking billing.

Here are some important things to know about EHR: 

  • You decide who gets to see your information. If you want/need to share your information, you should sign a consent form.
  • EHRs are "locked" and can only be seen with a password. Only certain people — such as your healthcare provider — can see all your information. Office staff may only be able to see your name, address and birthdate.
  • Always be sure to give your healthcare providers and staff complete information — it may save your life!
  • Private notes can be made in EHR's that only your healthcare provider can see.
  • If you go to an E.R. or hospital, tell their staff that your healthcare provider uses an EHR, they can then call us to get your information.