Use Telehealth. Visit Your MFHN Provider Without Leaving Your Home!


Now, you can consult with your Metropolitan Family Health Network doctor or medical specialist from the safety, comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Our medical specialists are available to meet with you virtually and focus on your medical issues and needs. 

MFHN is offering Telehealth in all departments, for patients of all ages!
With MFHN Telehealth you can visit with your doctor or provider in Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Adult Medicine, Diabetes Management, Integrated Behavioral Health Care, Dental and Podiatry to discuss new and ongoing issues. 

Here’s how MFHN Telehealth works . . .
Our doctors and providers conduct virtual visits via video (using your smartphone, laptop or tablet), or by telephone. Your visits will be personal, private, and provide you with the peace of mind in knowing your healthcare needs are being addressed. 

You may use MFHN Telehealth for . . .
• Established Patient Visits
• Annual Wellness Visits
• Medication Refills
• Consultations

To schedule a MFHN Telehealth appointment . . .
Just phone us at 201-478-5827, same as you would for a regular appointment. We will be glad to answer any questions and assist you with setting up your Telehealth visit.