Integrated Behavioral Health Care

Being healthy means you are well in your body, mind and relationships. What happens in your life every day is important and can affect your health.

The MFHN Integrated Behavioral Health Care program treats body and mind. Our team of primary care providers, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses and behavioral health consultants will work with you to help determine what is best for your health, and to achieve the best possible outcome.

Integrated Behavioral Health Care begins with an open talk between you and our team. They may be able to help you:
• Reduce how much your physical problems affect your daily routine
• Improve how you cope with health problems or other life stress
• Connect to community supports and programs
• Change your lifestyle to be more healthy (stop smoking, improve your eating, start to exercise)
• Reduce or stop harmful habits (drinking alcohol, taking other drugs, gambling)
• Improve your social connections to feel less alone
• Manage difficult life events such as the death of a loved one, a traumatic experience or family stress
• Prepare for big changes in your life, such as having a baby
• Improve sleep, mood, energy levels and sense of well being

Talk with your MFHN primary care provider to decide if our behavioral health providers should be part of your team. Everything you tell us will be held confidentially within the team.

The Metropolitan Family Health Network Behavioral Health Program has been established thanks to a grant from The Nicholson Foundation. Our Integrated Behavioral Care team has been educated on the team-based patient care model developed and pioneered by Cherokee Health Systems of Tennessee.