MFHN Remote Patient Monitoring Program

Remote Patient Monitoring Program

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can lead to heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. High blood pressure can also cause stroke, kidney failure, vision loss, and reduced sex drive. All of these conditions are preventable. 

Getting blood pressure checked in a clinical setting only shows a snapshot of one’s health at that moment in time. Monitoring blood pressure every day provides the bigger and better picture. 

MFHN is using Cellular Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) that allows patients to check their blood pressure every day and have the results sent immediately to MFHN licensed clinicians who track and assess a patient’s progress.

The data received via RPM enables providers to make better informed decisions and interventions in real time that will ultimately help patients live better and longer. This includes showing how to adopt healthy behaviors, set goals, learn self-management skills, and more.

 With RPM, Patients Get Real-Time Blood Pressure Readings in Their Homes!

  • The device is simple and easy to use with just a press of a button 
  • Lightweight design has large screen display
  • Cuff adjusts to fit all size arms
  • Internet access is NOT required 
  • Results are immediate and reliable 
  • No phones, apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, synching or uploading necessary
  • Information is transmitted securely to one’s provider in real time

If you – or someone you know – has high blood pressure, talk to your MFHN provider about the Remote Patient Monitoring program. There is no direct cost to patients for RPM.